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Pall Mall Amber

Pall Mall Amber – Your Rainbow of Delight
   Having appeared about 200 years ago, Pall Mall Amber Cigarette made the real sensation in the international tobacco market. In other words, it created a furor in tobacco world. The first producer of Pall Mall Amber  cigarettes brand, Butler&Butler Cigarette Company, introduced an innovation that amazed both all the smokers and its business rivals, who actually began to worry of such a powerful adversary. This innovation consisted of that they have placed the cigarette, the size of which comprised 85 mm – a royal size. That size exceeded all before introduced.
Nowadays Pall Mall Amber cigarettes are manufactured by R.J. Reynolds, the biggest representative of cigarette industry, which continues the royal tobacco producing tradition, founded and promoted by the first owner.

Pall Mall Amber became most famous during the early 1960’s, when they were reputed in America to be first-grade cigarette brand on the market. Possessing slight aroma of exclusive tobacco, indescribable flavor and exciting taste from the first inhalation, Pall Mall Amber charms at the same instant. Produced only from natural ingredients, it stresses its pure royal nature.
Some of the most popular types of Pall Mall cigarettes are: Pall Mall Red, Pall Mall Amber, Pall Mall SS Amber, Pall Mall Blue, Pall Mall SS Blue, Pall Mall Aromatic Slims and Pall Mall SS Tropic Twist. Such a great variety cannot leave you indifferent towards it. It suits to probably every smoker’s taste and preference. Pall Mall Amber discount cigarette impresses not only by its large assortment, but also by its design diverse color gamut. Furthermore, you are afforded opportunity to buy this beauty at low cost due to our online discount cigarettes shop.

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