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Red & White Fine

Red & White Fine cigarettes is a famous cigarette's brand which you can meet in almost every tobacco shop all over the world, produced by Phillip Morris Tobacco Company. The name Red & White comes from the color of its pack. This makes easier the identification of this brand of cigarettes. Red & White is a relatively young smoking product but already won the respectable place on the apogee of the famous cigarette brand. These cigarettes are not usual – Red & White Fine cigarettes are for a special type of smokers. Red & White are for those who don't like the stability. Definitely it is Red & White cigarette.
The creation of Philip Morris tobacco enterprise, one of the biggest high quality tobacco producers, whose smoking articles are the most demanded as in the domestic market so in the international one, also distinguishes by its excellent smoking features. Many other smoking brands may feel envy to Red & White Fine tobacco quality as it is elite one. Every time creating a novelty, Philip Morris contrives to make something distinct, new, and exclusive, something with special appeal. In this, it has no match.
There is more to it than meets the eye that Red & White Fine cigarettes got precisely this name. These colors carry a definite symbolism. For instance, red color is very strong one, which is linked with passion, yearning, while white one is the color of purity, conformity. In some sense, it dilutes the red one and makes it quieter. However, namely the prevalence of red color on the Red & White Fine cigarette pack fascinates smoker. This is only the appearance, so what can be told about the content which catches smoker's fancy from the first inhalation.
Some smokers ask question: Where Red & White obtains this luscious flavor from? It is all due American blended tobacco which attaches to this discount cig unforgivable flavor and perfect aroma. Lighting up this cigarette product, the first you feel is complete relaxation and incredible delight.
Having manufactured one type of Red & White, the producer didn't stop at what has been accomplished and launched a whole range of Red & White cigarettes, among which is the slim version as well:
•    Red & White
•    Red & White Fine
•    Red & White Fine Super Slims
•    Red & White Special
•    Red & White Special Super Slims

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