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Camel Blue

Camel  Blue Cigarettes a taste that is always with you
Camel Cigarettes is the fifth most popular tobacco product in the world, and the second best-selling brand across the United States. Ever since its nationwide launch in 1913, this premium brand has enjoyed an astonishing popularity among smokers.
Camel  Blue was the first pre-packed cigarette across America, as in the beginning of the 20th century the majority of smokers rolled their own cigarettes.
Camel cigarettes smoking brand has long interesting history. It started from its introduction to USA market in 1913 by American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. They were originally blended to have a milder taste in comparison to brands that, at the time of its introduction, were considered much harsher. Camel cigarettes were promoted by an advertising campaign that comprised teasers, which merely declared that the Camels are coming. This marketing style was a pre-image for attempts to oscillate public opinion that coincided with the USA entry into World War the first. Another promotion strategy was the employment of a Circus camel, Old Joe, which was led through town and used to allot free cigarettes. Old Joe was later used as the prototype to design the camel on the cigarettes package. The brands catchphrase slogan, which is applied till nowadays, was -Id walk a mile for a Camel. Prepared of the finest Turkish tobacco, Camel Blue cig has a much more distinctive odor when burned as compared to other cigarettes. It generally has a darker, browner smell to the smoke. Not only Camel Blue discount cigarettes odor is distinctive, but also its extraordinary flavor and unforgettable taste. Today it is represented in more than 90 counties and is highly claimed. Nevertheless, much time passed since Camel Blue smoking product invention; still it continues to take up the first positions in the bestseller tobacco items rating; and all this due to its elite tobacco that doesnt have any analogues. Incredible discount prices out of any competition are available just in our online tobacco shop for Camel Full Flavor, Camel Blue, and Camel Silver. Just address to us and obtain any of these 3 types of Camel smoking trademark.

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