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Hilton Gold

Hilton Gold Cigarettes brand name associate with the famous Hilton Family - owners of Hilton Hotels. It is well known that the Hilton family loves quality, class and of course luxury.
   These cigarettes are meant to be a rich blend of these entire things. Hilton Gold Cigarettes is a cigarette brand made by Prilucky Tobacco Company, the subsidiary of British American Tobacco. BAT is the world's most famous international tobacco group.

It has been in business within more than 100 years, making high quality tobacco products for the diverse preferences of millions of consumers. Four of the top eight cigarette brands most familiar to the people are: Marlboro, 555, Kent, and Hilton. One explanation for the popularity of Hilton brand is its price; Hilton Gold cigarettes is much less expensive than all the other brands.

   Hilton discount cigarettes are sold in two different varieties:
  Gold- for those who think things must last longer and be memorable, and the brilliant;

  Platinum-for those who are looking for more “light brilliance” in their smoking experience.
It is no difference ever they are Hilton Gold or Hilton Platinum. Just, “BE HILTON”!
    Enjoy a freshly squeezed orange juice or a traditional coffee, and contemplate views of the River Shannon from the terrace setting, while tasting the golden flavor of Hilton cigarettes - because Good Moments last forever.

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