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L&M Silver Label

L&M Silver Label Cigarettes brand was produced by Liggett & Myers tobacco Company in 1953. L&M is the abbreviation of the Company's name. In 1999 L&M brand was sold to Philip Morris Companies Inc., which, in their turn, are now known as the Altria Group. L&M Silver Label Cigarettes primarily were popular in Europe, Asia and Latin America and won fame in the US in the first decade of the XXI-th century.

Phillip Morris needs no additional promotion. All smokers know that this tobacco company produces such trademarks as Marlboro, Virginia, Parliament and others. All that is tied with Phillip Morris is regarded to be very fashionable and modern, and L&M Silver Label Cigarettes is just a confirmation. Firstly L&M was positioned as chewing tobacco, and it succeeded in this field just within 5 years. Also, the advertising slogan of the brand is great despite a certain controversy of its sense versus the product – just what the doctor ordered. The L&M Silver Label Cigarettes became famous, to a large extent, thanks to its great trademark slogan.

The fame is quite merited as the L&M Silver Label Cigarettes are of a high quality, possess the pleasant taste and tobacco aroma and are presented in different variations. The price fits absolutely different smokers groups. And there is an equal amount of smokers among men and women who choose L&M Silver Label Cigarettes.

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