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Lucky Strike Blue

Lucky Strike Blue Cigarette – Your Lucky Tobacco!
    You are disappointed in your life. You complain of that your life is monotonous, uninteresting. It seems like nothing manages and everything is against you. You don't remember the last time when white bars were in your life. Don't be upset. This can be helped. Lucky Strike Blue cigarettes brand is your way out. It is capable to show you the luckiest world of your own. There exists a popular belief that Lucky Strike Blue cigarette brings luck and endows you with a great power. Chose Lucky Strike Blue Cigarettes and make your life luckier.
    Lucky Strike Blue cigarettes were firstly introduced by R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia, in 1871 as a cut-plug chewing tobacco and later as discount cigarettes. In 1905, the company was acquired by the American Tobacco Company (ATC), and Lucky Strike Blue would later prove to the whole world that it was worth it. Lucky Strike Blue cigarettes were one of the first brands, which put into practice the technology of toasting the tobacco instead of sun-drying.

     Lucky Strike Blue cigarette contain a special thrill that favors its long innings. Tobacco of the given brand differs from the others by the fact that it is toasted tobacco. This peculiarity adds to this smoking product uniqueness and singularity. Due to this specific feature Lucky Strike Blue cigarettes are in the running and find a ready market. Their exquisite taste, rich flavor will win you after the first inhaling.
     The first-class cigarette, Lucky Strike doesn't have any analogues. You will find it everywhere by its reddish-white pack with black letters which is appropriate to Lucky Strike Original Red that possesses 0.8 mg nicotine volume, and with white letters for Lucky Strike Blue with nicotine level that makes up 0.6 mg. In accordance with the mentioned above versions of Lucky Strike you can order any of them at a reasonable price in our online store and you will receive your piece of luck. Do not search for something better than Lucky Strike cigarettes, you won't find similar anyway; you will waste your time in vain. Lucky Strike Blue – for superstitious smokers! The single name “Lucky Strike” rouses to think about it. The superstitious smokers who believe in omens will undoubtedly draw their attention towards this magic cig name.

     Not only the name of Lucky Strike Blue discount cigarettes captures smoker's attention, but also its high-grade tobacco, fascinating flavor and charming aroma. This is thanks to a special way of tobacco manufacturing that consists in application of the technology of toasting the tobacco instead of sun drying. This characteristic feature adds to Lucky Strike Blue cigarette brand uniqueness and originality. So it won't be a trouble for you to recognize its smell from thousands of tobacco products smells. Thus, if you are still eager to make your life luckier, then Lucky Strike Blue is your lucky choice. By means of our online discount cigarettes shop you will be able to purchase your “luck” at shamelessly low price. Lucky Strike Original Red and Lucky Strike Blue are always at your disposal.

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