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Bond Street Red Selection

Bond, James Bond. Who doesnt hear these legendary words? 
An outstanding character, famous for introducing himself everywhere namely by these words, for ordering his vodka martinis shaken, not stirred, his usual and characteristic formal clothing is a dinner jacket. This ideal image is an icon of a perfect man, who is intelligent, single-minded, keen-witted, erudite, who knows sense of tact and all etiquette rules. Bond Street Classic cigarettes were made for those who consider smoking some kind of daily ritual. Beautiful design and high quality of Bond Street Classic cigarettes are the main features of this cigarettes brand. Smokers will undoubtedly see the true value of Bond Street Classic cigarettes.
Bond Street Classic Cigarettes Ideal Choice!
Philip Morris Ltd, a great tobacco joint-stock enterprise, known all over the world due to such eminent trademarks as Virginia, Parliament, launched a smoking brand, corresponding to all demands, provided by the international tobacco market. The name of their masterpiece is Bond cigarette. Being under the influence of the time, when Bond movie had just appeared, the producer created this cig type, having endowed it with all the best tobacco qualities. Currently, Bond tobacco is marketed in more than 50 countries all over the world, having obtained a special popularity in Eastern Europe. The initial name of the Bond cigarette is Old Bond Street. These Bond Street Classic discount cigarettes have undergone a series of changes, and now they are keeping on conquering tobacco markets by their selective tobacco, delicate aroma and unforgivable pleasure of smoking. Our online discount tobacco store presents the following Bond cig types: Bond Street Classic Selection, which is the strongest type of Bond cigarette family 0.8 mg of nicotine volume; Bond Special Selection, Bond Fine Selection, Bond Street One. This assortment is represented at cheapest price only in our cigarette shop. Thus, visit us, select the appropriate one and feel yourself a real James Bond.

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