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Monte Carlo Blue

The use of cigarettes is common for all times and nations, in different spheres of life. The cigarettes have become an integral part of many famous people's life. For example, the famous rock singer Ryan Adams is often seen during his interview smoking. Al Pacino is also a representative of cigs' smokers. Another admirer of tobacco products was a singer and actor Frank Sinatra. Famous actress like Angelina Jolie, Milla Jovovich and Christina Ricci used to save their time smoking cigarettes.It can be concluded that cigarettes are part of the different people, belonging to different generations and fields, life. Smoking tobacco is one of the things that bind people of different social statuses because of that experience, which can be felt only smoking the preferred Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes. Monte Carlo is a brand of cigarettes made by JT International, the third largest international tobacco company, manufacturing such internationally recognized cigarette brands as Camel, Mild Seven, Salem and Winston. Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes reflect glamour and luxuriousness. The whole atmosphere and easiness of the Monte Carlo city wouldn't be completed if there were no Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes that would express and live with the same glitter. The high quality tobacco comes with every piece of Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes. A distinguishing taste mixed with a realistic price has surely caught the mind of the cigarette smokers from many parts of the world. Neutral nicotine content mixed with a soft and smooth taste is what each Monte Carlo cigarette promises and successfully offers to all smoking people. Have a look around! Stop and notice them! Monte Carlo cigarettes invite you to witness their six new expressions of novelty:

   1. Monte Carlo Red
   2. Monte Carlo Blue
   3. Monte Carlo Silver
   4. Monte Carlo White
   5. Monte Carlo Super Slims Fantasy
   6. Monte Carlo Super Slims Intrigue

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