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Pall Mall Nanokings Blue

In 1907, Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes brand was acquired by American Tobacco, with Butler & Butler selling. Butler & Butler were the original owners, and were known for having tried to sway the upper class into thinking their cigarettes were premium ones and succeeding. When American Tobacco took over, they used the premium cigarette brand to test other styles of cigarettes, such as king-size. They also developed a new way of stuffing the tobacco into the cigarette paper that was supposed to make the brand easier on smoker's throats thus making them even more appealing to many smokers around the world. Many people believed this, helping to increase the brand's sales and popularity.
Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes became most popular during the early to mid 1960's, when they were considered in America, to be the number one brand of cigarettes on the market. Because the company was successful with their king size variety, they decided to introduce new longs, which were 100 mm cigarettes. While they were very popular for a few years, in 1966, Pall Mall realized they could no longer compete with Winston cigarettes. Winston's advertising campaigns were much more appealing than Pall Mall's, and they quickly became more popular leaving Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes in the dust to sink down to what people now consider a generic brand of cigarettes. While Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes has a nice smooth flavor that is pleasing to almost any smoker they also have a very affordable price which makes them that much more appealing.
     It was in 1994 when the Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes brand was bought by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation. At this time, Pall Mall was the one of the only brands of cigarettes that still remained filter-less. However, in 1997, filtered Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes were introduced and marketed. The new filters Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes were a big success and are still manufactured and sold today. A merge occurred in 2004, when Brown & Williamson merged with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. To date, Pall Mall Blue Slims cigarettes are still available with filters, or without. While more women prefer the soft packs because they are more dainty, men prefer the hard box because they are rougher on their packages.

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