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Red & White

Among such grandiose brands as Marlboro, Parliament, and L&M, another smoking masterpiece of this giant tobacco enterprise is Red &White cigarette. Speaking about these 2 colors, red and white, it is worth to mention about their symbolism. Many scientists declare that red color is considered to be challenging, as it is often said, it contributes to activity, friendliness, confidence. It is also proved that it highs blood pressure, increases the frequency of heart beating, stimulates the brain activity. Regardless the fact that it is the color of passion, still it has definite quality, firstly it highly excites and then restrains, oppresses and conducts to exhaustion. What concerns white color, the situation is the same. It is the color of purity; still it arouses the sense of coldness and discomfort. It is reputed to be cold color, but not in the case if it is combined with red and orange color. Red and white colors supplement each other and one goes with the other. The creation of Philip Morris tobacco enterprise, one of the biggest high quality tobacco producers, whose smoking articles are the most demanded as in the domestic market so in the international one, also distinguishes by its excellent smoking features. Many other smoking brands may feel envy to Red & White tobacco quality as it is elite one. Every time creating a novelty, Philip Morris contrives to make something distinct, new, and exclusive, something with special appeal. In this, it has no match.

Its designer bright pack will stimulate your interest toward it. Represented by a large assortment, every Red &White pack possesses its distinctive fascinating design, but has one uniting feature. It is their flawless quality. The tobacco world perfectly knows about the Red &White superior tobacco blend, impressive taste and unique aroma.
Some smokers ask question: Where Red & White obtains this luscious flavor from? It is all due American blended tobacco which attaches to this discount cig unforgivable flavor and perfect aroma. Lighting up this cigarette product, the first you feel is complete relaxation and incredible delight.
One more characteristic trait that distinguishes Red & White discount tobacco is its special filter that refines the smoke, makes it lighter and converts smoking process into a true pleasure and adventure. The genuine experts of smoking cigarettes noted this trademark long time ago and gave their preference namely to it.

It was always considered that Red &White cigarette product was used in particularly by male. However there appeared slim version of these cigarettes in order to satisfy women's demands as well. So nowadays you are offered the whole series of Red &White tobacco:

    * Red & White Special: tar volume: 8.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.7 mg; size: 84 mm
    * Red & White Fine: tar volume: 4.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.4 mg; size: 84 mm
    * Red & White American Blend(original): tar volume: 10.0 mg; nicotine volume: 0.8 mg; size: 84 mm

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